Zehui Chen

27 Aug 2019

RCNN series


From R-CNN to Mask RCNN

  1. R-CNN
  2. Fast R-CNN
  3. Faster R-CNN
  4. FPN
  5. FPN + RPN + Fast R-CNN = Faster R-CNN
  6. FPN + RPN + Fast R-CNN + Mask Prediction = Mask R-CNN

Mask R-CNN

  1. ROI Align
    1. Bilinear interplolation
    2. RoI pooling->RoI align
  2. Loss Function
  3. Application

From R-CNN to Mask R-CNN

Let’s first go through those methods on how they detect object:

Traditional method

sliding windows detector. However, brute force approach cost too much time.


Selective Search. Cluster them with colors/ … which have similar features. Then merge these proposals.


  • Region proposal: selective search 2000 RoIs
  • Bounding box regression and classification

Bounding Box

Proposal: $P_x, P_y, P_w, P_h$

Ground Truth: $G_x, G_y, G_w, G_h$

Mapping: \(G_x = P_w d_x(P) + P_x\\ G_y = P_h d_y(P) + P_y\\ G_w = P_w \text{exp}(d_w(P))\\ G_h = P_h \text{exp}(d_h(P))\) The target is to learn parameters: $d_x, d_y, d_w, d_h$.

Fast R-CNN

Apply the region proposal method on the feature maps directly


  • Region proposal from feature maps instead of input image
  • Warp the patches to a fixed size using ROI pooling

Limit: Still use selective search which is time-consuming

ROI Pooling

If we want 2 x 2 max pooling, then the final size of square will not be the same.

Faster R-CNN

Replaces the region proposal method by an internal deep network

Ideas: Get region proposals by region proposal network (FPN)

Limit: Only use single scale feature map for detection


Prediction: For each location in feature maps, RPN make k guess.(k anchors).

Training: which object is the anchor responsible for? According to IoU.


Faster R-CNN is a sinle sacle object detection and may miss small objects.

a) time consuming

b) faster rcnn: single scale object

c) SSD

d) FPN: Accurage location + High semantics

ResNet FPN

How to assign RoIs of different scales to the pyramid levels?

$k = [k_0 + log_2(\sqrt{wh}/ 224)]$

Mask R-CNN

FPN+RPN+Fast R-CNN+Mask Prediction = Mask R-CNN

Backbone: ResNet-FPN

Head: Bounding box regression, classification and Mask prediction

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